You just picked one of the most politically sensitive areas of revenue acceleration. Poor performance drives blame and guilt. Who's at fault that we didn't make our numbers—Sales, Marketing, or Product Development? 

Misalignment is a symptom of confusion. Confusion is the result of indecision or poor communication. There needs to be clarity and consistency by management on what the desired client buying experience should be and how the sales force should differentiate from the competition. Revenue Storm describes this as executing the Go-to-Market Strategy.

The four Go-to-Market Strategy levels are:

  1. Transaction-Centric: Quick, convenient, consistent, and least expensive
  2. Process-Centric: One-stop shopping for an integrated solution
  3. Business-Centric: A valued consultative discussion focused on generating real business impact to solve a current business issue or seize a new business opportunity
  4. Relationship-Centric: Agreeing on a profitable market niche opportunity and collaboration to create a vision and plan to take the market together

Our research shows confusion about the Go-to-Market Strategy is the greatest cause of a sub-optimized sales organization. Each functional group that is misaligned with the strategy creates organizational drag. 

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