Talent management is a hot topic in the business world today. The cost of selecting, developing, and retaining sales talent is skyrocketing. Plus, the metrics of failed sales hires is costly. Forty percent of companies report problems finding essential talent, and this number is growing. Every vacant sales position costs an average of $7000 in lost revenue per day. Filled positions average a 46% failure rate, with each failure generally costing another $300,000. If you don't have a purposeful plan to address these issues, you won't be able to beat these statistics.

So what is the answer?

Learn how best to field a successful sales team—one that is better than the competition. Your future depends on identifying the sales skills needed for success in your environment, assessing how your current team stacks up and how they can be developed, and what new talent or skills you need to fill out your team roster. Sales execution comes down to people: the quality of your players.

Just like a winning sports team, you need a Director of Player Personnel—someone who tracks the success rate of team members, looks for and assesses new team talent, and uses coaches and managers to advance the team's talent in a unified way.

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