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How Will You RISE Above to Win in 2019?

By February 11, 2019March 29th, 2024No Comments

As we put the holiday parties, champagne and extra calories behind us many of us are looking forward to a financial win in 2019. How will you RISE above your sales targets from last year? What does a 2019 win look like to you? Have you taken the time to reflect on what you could do better? What you could do differently?

As we forge ahead with the new year,  I thought it might be helpful to share a few ideas to reflect on while you strive to achieve even better sales results in 2019. If you perform these sales behaviors consistently, you will RISE above to improve your sales results.

  1. Reflect on your sales tactics. Which camp do they fall into most often – safe and conservative or do they demonstrate appropriate boldness and risk? Risk is required to persuade people to spend money or change their activities or systems, even if it was budgeted and more so if it wasn’t! Be bold! Step out and try something different. Take a risk!
  2. Use Intelligent sales tools. Your company is probably providing you with sales tools for data analytics. If they provide intelligent coaching insight, even better. If you do not have access to tools, then seek them out and set up a routine to use them on your most important deals. Most sales enablement companies, like ourselves, offer sales tools to consumers, not just companies at large. By transforming data into intelligence, you can find valuable insights, to RISE above your competitors and gain the advantage. 
  3. Spend time prospecting. Commit to keeping better track of the people that have bought from you in the past—where and how they are doing today. Social media outlets, such as LinkedIn and Twitter make this easier. Design a routine of regular contact, with occasional thought leadership articles to give value freely. They could be a future referral or sale as a result. You can uncover insights to find new prospects!
  4. Ensure that prospects are qualified! About 30% of sales productivity is lost chasing deals that are unwinnable! Sure, it’s hard to walk away from deals but assessing the reality of Can we Sell? vs. Should we Sell? will actually maximize productivity. If you have a qualification tool, use it. If it does not clearly suggest you have a good probability to win, have the confidence to RISE above the “same old sales activities” and walk away gracefully. There are other opportunities that could benefit from your focus.

If you focus on these four simple things with discipline, I am confident that 2019 will yield sales results that you will be proud of by the year’s end!




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