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The Seven Great Lies of Selling

As sales professionals, we are well acquainted with the intricate dance of communication. However, we are less likely to identify a trail of smoke and mirrors that can come from potential clients when discussing opportunities.…
Kevin Doddrell
September 11, 2023

Win Themes Done Right

Win Themes, poorly executed, sound like long, boring, bragging statements. They can ramble on about the benefits of products or services and likely sound a little different from any other competitor. Win Themes, at their…
Ian Ramsbottom
February 11, 2020

Stop Speaking Wonka

There is a major issue within Sales and Marketing that, if corrected, will pay immediate dividends. Too many of our salespeople are working too low in their client’s organization. They are limiting their upward mobility…
Bill Wallace
September 17, 2019
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