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Generator of Sales Revenue…AKA Frontline Warrior

This is a serious time as your role is being redefined in the marketplace.  Our surveys show, you are likely being asked to grow your accounts’ revenue at a rate greater than the industry growth rate.  It may feel like there isn’t enough demand in your accounts to achieve your revenue goals even if you could keep out the competition, which is a big ask.  Plus, there is rarely enough support from Marketing or Inside Sales to provide adequate qualified leads for new sales discussions.  So, what do you do?

Account Management needs to migrate to Account Leadership – where Key Account Managers create an Account Vision that brings a new level of value to the customers’ business.  Sales professionals need to be able to create demand by selling differently.  Customers want salespeople to provide industry best practices, as a Thought Leader.  They are willing to pay for the added value of good advice, keen insights or a catalyst for change within their organization.

Revenue Storm was the first company to teach Key Account Managers and Salespeople how to consistently create demand.  We can help raise your level of performance, no matter how you are selling today.

We can help…
  • Produce bold, new Account Visions
  • Improve win rates through personal coaching
  • Create demand to build a healthy pipeline


Our flagship program, RevenueStorming, is a robust workshop focused on both demand creation and capture.  98% of our participants shared they would recommend it to a friend or colleague.

Our Rainmaking for Account Managers workshop enables you to create an Account Vision that is a step change from your current state.  This will take you to the next level of selling.  Are You Ready?

To best change how you sell, reinforce the new methods with Sales Tools to build your sales skills

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