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Builder of Sales Talent…AKA Secret Weapon to Sales Development

It’s exciting to recruit, select and develop the best talent.  Nothing is better than helping real people achieve their potential with measurable success!  As like-minded people, who focus on Sales and Marketing, the only close second is winning revenues!

We understand the challenges of the Sales world and the difficulty for Learning & Development and Human Resources to become an active business partner with Sales.  But you know what?  They need you!  Sales Leadership and Sales Enablement roles are big roles that need your expertise.  With at least five generations in the workforce, there is a critical need for versatility in sales competencies.

To support Sales leadership, you need their attention to develop a partnering relationship.  What can you do to help them create a sales culture that will attract the right talent, engage and develop their competencies and keep high performers with the right recognition and reward?  Revenue Storm has this conversation every day.

We can help…
  • Bring thought leadership to the Sales Organization
  • Close sales competency gaps with adaptable, modular content
  • Build a Sales Culture with keystone habits of behavior


To hire the right sales talent that sells at your selected Go-to-Market Strategy, you need to assess sales competencies and attributes.  Our Talent Assessments provide insights about your organizational sales strengths and developmental opportunities.  Assessments include personalized individual and manager developmental roadmaps.

We have modularized and digitized our Sales Training to enable customized solutions that fit your organization’s personality and needs.  Our programs include virtual training using the latest in neuroscience which result in high engagement within group settings and changed behaviors.  Virtual coaching and results tracking is included to prove a great ROI.

Revenue Storm surveys tell us that salespeople want sales coaching.  Many Sales Leaders share they haven’t had training for Sales Coaching nor spent personal time with a Sales Coach.  Close that gap with a Coaching to Revenue Workshop and virtual Coach the Coach sessions to build skills and confidence quickly with Sales Leaders.

Provide Sales Training With Validated ROI

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