Leader Driving Our Strategy to Enable Success in Others


Chief Executive Officer

As the co-founder and CEO of Revenue Storm, Debby leads our mission to generate tangible revenue growth for our clients. Her unwavering passion for making a meaningful impact fuels our dedication to innovation and continuous improvement. Under her guidance, we have adopted Innovation Fridays, devoted to generating new ideas to better meet our clients’ needs.

With extensive business experience, from Sales to adult instructional design to software development, Debby can easily relate to others’ business challenges.  Her service-oriented leadership creates a collaborative and creative culture internally and with our clients. Our offerings reflect her vision to provide practical solutions for building effective sales habits and achieving consistent success for individuals and teams.

Debby’s leadership is the cornerstone of our success. Her collaborative spirit, active listening, and diverse industry experience—including consulting services and high-tech manufacturing—enable her to truly connect with clients across different environments. Besides her passion for innovation and delivering high client value, Debby is passionate about investing in our staff to develop their skills, passions, and strengths.

Outside of Revenue Storm, Debby is passionate about international travel and learning firsthand about other countries’ cultures and histories.

Leader of Our World-Class Sales Coaches


Chief Revenue Officer

Kevin Doddrell leads Revenue Storm’s global team of consultants and coaches, dedicated to revolutionizing sales effectiveness across diverse cultures and industries. With a robust background in executive leadership and a track record of driving business success, Kevin’s team spearheads strategic initiatives to elevate sales performance in companies globally.

Kevin Doddrell also plays a pivotal role in our marketing strategy. Together with the marketing team, he is committed to positioning Revenue Storm as a leading sales effectiveness consulting organization. The shared passion for delivering results for our clients is a driving force behind our success.

Kevin’s influence extends beyond Revenue Storm. As a renowned speaker and author, his insights on the science of sales, practical sales coaching, and winning sales culture have left a lasting impact on some of the biggest company icons, client executives, and sales leaders. His approaches have been credited with personal success stories, earning him a dedicated following.

Known for his dynamic approach, Kevin provides personalized one-on-one coaching to senior executives. His strategic deal coaching expertise is pivotal in securing global “mega deals.” He is a sought-after speaker who shares his insights and expertise at industry events and conferences.

Prior to joining Revenue Storm, Kevin held several CEO positions in public and private companies after a career in Sales and Marketing. His sense of humor and New Zealand accent add to his charm. We are grateful to have him contribute to our thought leadership series. Find his latest here.

Revenue Acceleration Innovator


Executive Vice President, Global Consulting

Bill is known for his ability to work directly with clients to achieve significant sales performance improvements backed by his sought-after coaching and workshop facilitation style. He is a “tell it like it is” consultant, speaker, author, coach, and trainer whom people have said has changed their lives with his advice. The many testimonials from his clients speak volumes about how Bill has personally and professionally impacted senior executives, as well as countless deal teams.

With his experience ranging from big corporations to start-ups, he is a sponge for assimilating the best in each situation and helping others to raise their performance to the next level. His creativity has no bounds, and he motivates people to change because of his practical ideas and methods, along with our proven tools, methodologies, and frameworks.

Bill is known and loved for his edgy, provocative style. He’s at home working with financial firms, high-tech or manufacturing clients, internet incubators, start-ups, and venture capitalists. Prior to Revenue Storm, he held roles as a President, CEO, and COO after having served in sales leadership for years. Find his latest articles here.

Architect of Winning Sales Cultures


Executive Vice President

Lon is a seasoned executive who has spent his career leading and guiding sales organizations of all sizes and cultures through a myriad of business climates and conditions. He knows what it takes to win, and brings expertise in sales leadership, strategic deal coaching, and sales process improvement.

Our clients love tapping into Lon’s winning edge to accelerate their revenue in the technology, IT services/outsourcing, electronics, manufacturing, and energy industries.

His success with client account teams has resulted in winning significant opportunities through leveraging his proven capability as a mega-deal coach. His latest contributions to our thought leadership series can be found here.



Revenue Consultant

Ray has a huge wealth of experience in sales leadership, having held senior executive roles in companies such as IBM and Xchanging (now CSC). He spent over 25 years leading sales teams to establish and grow successful customer relationships in 15 countries across the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Ray uses our science-based tools and methods to consult, train, and coach sales professionals and teams worldwide.

Having led a large sales team at IBM as a Revenue Storm client, he brings tangible experience in leveraging the Revenue Storm advantage to increase win rates. With a passion for business development, he engages clients to drive significantly higher sales performance through results-driven transformation.

Ray is based in Brighton, UK, where he is an avid fisherman and dog lover. He is also engaged in several non-profit activities, including running a hydrotherapy venue and swim clubs for children with disabilities, autism, and mental health issues. His latest contributions to our thought leadership series can be found here.



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