Multilingual Force of Nature Empowering Sales Professionals


Revenue Consultant

Ilsa utilizes her collaborative nature to explore our clients’ revenue challenges before providing global best practices and brainstorming together. Her goal is to level up what is working well, while striving to improve organizational skills, processes, and governance to raise teams’ sales performance. Ilsa is passionate about building long-term, trusted relationships with clients to bring about real change and results.

With over 35 years of success in sales and marketing in complex B2B selling, Ilsa brings valuable thought leadership to our clients. She also coaches sales leaders and sales professionals, leveraging her multi-lingual capabilities of Spanish, Portuguese, and English. She quickly puts people at ease with her warm, positive personality.

Ilsa also enjoys running, hiking, swimming, and raising money to find a cure for cancer. Read her thought leadership articles here.

Orchestrating Exceptional Client Experiences Every Day

Kylie Ziegenhorn

Customer Success Manager

Kylie leads our Client Project Managers who are dedicated to providing a seamless Sales to Delivery process for our global clients. Her main goal is to ensure an exceptional experience, while celebrating successes with clients. The result is a happy Revenue Storm fan base that keeps coming back to us for more.

Being proficient and process focused, Kylie is just as good client-facing as she is behind the scenes. With a Master’s Degree in Training and Development, everyone agrees she is the perfect fit for this role. Kylie also is known for her calm demeanor while leading with compassion and showing empathy.

In her free time, she likes to cook food from around the world, listen to music, and have dance parties with her daughter.

Pioneer of Automation & Software Integration Solutions

Staci Hintzelman

CRM Leader

Staci is the driving force behind our client relationship management technology. She aims to leverage automation and software integrations to create an optimal user experience. Staci’s passion for a seamless client journey is integral in optimizing our systems and maximizing efficiency, ensuring each client interaction flows with ease.

Bringing a wealth of knowledge to her role, Staci is armed with Salesforce, Pardot, and Experience Cloud certifications. For more than five years, she has been recognized and maintained her expertise through nine different Salesforce certifications.

With top analytical skills and the ability to communicate effectively across teams, her organizational aptitude enables collaboration for strong project execution.

She enjoys walking, watching tv and movies, and playing board games with her family in her free time.

The Jedi Master of Facilitators and Coaches


Organizational Performance Consultant

Lori has the critical role of taking our enviable talent and arming them with the insights and tools needed to successfully accelerate revenue for our clients.

Lori never settles for status quo. Her masterful training goes beyond knowledge transfer because she is obsessed with behavior change. She seamlessly blends in her own learnings on change management and neuroscience to ensure our trainers transfer practical application into the hands of each sales organizations we work with.

With a passion for personal change, learning, and habit building, Lori leaves everyone she interacts with feeling smarter. We may need to patent her winning formula for turning highly successful sales leaders into Revenue Storm Superheroes!

Lori has a contagious laugh and a calming presence that immediately puts people at ease. Whether it’s face-to-face or virtual, you will fall for her Texas charm. Read her article published in Training industry Magazine that discusses how personality should be considered when designing training programs.

The Numbers & Spreadsheets Wizard


Accounting Manager

Kim is responsible for all things financial; everything from invoicing and accounts payable, right through to reporting and payroll. She enjoys working directly with our clients to ensure all financial interactions are completed professionally and in a timely manner. Kim also assists in the preparation of assigned budgets, annual audits, and year-end closings.

Meeting all deadlines, Kim is known for her dependability. She has amazing attention to detail and will take the time to explain information in a way which is easily understood. All of that, plus a great sense of humor makes her an amazing asset to our Revenue Storm Team.

Beyond her financial duties, Kim loves going to country music concerts, spending time with family and friends, swimming, and running.

Captain of Learning & Development


Senior Development Project Leader

Jen is the focal point for the production of our materials to support our learners and facilitators in the classroom. Once dubbed “the most organized person on the planet,” she juggles multiple projects across multiple teams to bring the best of the best to our clients.

She makes our workplace fun with her sense of humor and positive attitude. As the MC of our company events, she brings us joy with her delightful spirit. Jen even finds the time to run a mindfulness group to keep us all centered!

Self-proclaimed life-long learner, Jen is always investing in herself to do better and shares what she learns widely so others can do the same. We hear she has a black belt in communications. She is also a design thinking advocate, helping us find creative solutions to our client’s challenges.

Outside of work, her hobbies include hiking, dancing, and all things wellness.



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