Revenue Storm is focused on results and has had the distinct pleasure of helping clients in a variety of industries overcome the issues that slowed and sometimes prevented outright success. Here's what some of them had to say about us:

"I am so thankful that we discovered Revenue Storm. I credit your philosophy, methodology, framework, training, and coaching with significantly altering the trajectory of our business and directly contributing to business improvement, including: higher win rates, larger deal size, shorter sales cycles, revenue growth, and better business margins. These results have made a big difference in our business, particularly given the heightened competitive intensity we have experienced in our industry the past 3 years. You gave us all of the tools, training, and support necessary to launch the initiative and assure its survival. Most importantly, you taught us how to manage, grow, and shape the work so that it became our initiative. Today we are fully self-sufficient and able to advance the work through our own ideas and efforts."
- Mark Emerson, Vice President, Chevron Energy Solutions Company


“We engaged Revenue Storm to help us implement a formal selling process. The results were staggering—40% of our deals were killed before we spent resources; our win rate exceeded 65%; we were able to forecast with 97% accuracy our closed deals 90 days in advance; we went from no deals >$1M to 243 in less than one year and we generated $40M in net new business directly from their support of the company.” 
- Jeff Kane, President, NEC Unified Solutions


“Your commitment, passion, and delivery were really amazing. We had a great start and the speed as well as intensity with which we rolled out globally over 3 years was unbelievable. You guys are fantastic and I have no hesitation in saying that Revenue Storm had a major role to play in the success of TCS so far.” 
- Palghat Viswanathan, Chief Transformation Officer, Tata Consultancy Services


"Seven years ago, TVNZ challenged Revenue Storm to move our sales organization from primarily a level one, transactional business, to a broader sales approach stretching our offering into high yielding business partnerships. The results have been nothing short of outstanding. TVNZ has maintained a market leading 60-65% of TV advertising revenue market share, far exceeding our TV audience share of 45-50%. Revenue Storm has transformed the TVNZ sales force and is now part of the sales organization's DNA. Revenue Storm provides me with the confidence that my team has the tools, knowledge, and disciplines to execute with excellence."
- Jeremy O'Brien, Head of Sales and Marketing, Television New Zealand Ltd


“Revenue Storm has brought to Waste Management a very systematic approach of how we go after new business and our renewals. They’ve really helped us develop better solutions for our customers that have more than doubled our results in a very short time frame.” 
- Paul Pistono, Vice President Public Sector Solutions, Waste Management