Sustainable revenue growth is dependent on the entire organization, not just sales, executing a well-defined go-to-market strategy. For this reason, Revenue Storm has services that help everyone, from the CEO to a Sales Professional, replicate best practices and better align to ensure your organization has a fully functioning revenue engine.  

To learn how we can help with your goals and responsibilities, select your role from the list below:


CEOs and P&L Owners

Revenue Storm works with CEOs, Presidents, and other top corporate executives who oversee groups crucial to profitability, market share, revenue growth, and brand reputation. Whether engaged to create and implement a new corporate standard of excellence or to lead a pilot to initiate change, Revenue Storm is equipped to address the variety of challenges and frustrations that affect success, such as under-performing product/service lines, divisions, or geos. Our initiatives are designed to produce outcomes that benefit organizational culture as well as the bottom line.

We can help by:

  • Providing personal executive coaching
  • Evaluating the degree of misalignment in your revenue streams
  • Training and coaching executives on their role in strategic accounts
  • Assigning a Revenue Storm consultant to coach your most important sales pursuits
  • Developing a world-class sales dashboard so you can see leading and lagging metrics at a glance
  • Co-developing a positive revenue culture that integrates discipline, accountability, and recognition

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Sales Leadership

The best sales leaders not only know their customers’ business challenges and how their solution can help, but also recognize when their own organizational challenges might be holding back potential revenue growth. Revenue Storm works with these sales leaders to overcome alignment issues and implement strategies to speed revenue acceleration. Our consultants help turnaround margin erosion, under-performing talent, loss of market share, and other sales issues. 

By co-developing an action plan to address your specific needs, we chart a new path of growth for your team. This might include:

  • Changing the mindset from responding to demand to creating demand
  • Better leveraging internal marketing resources to create high impact messaging presentations
  • Gaining clarity on your team's sales strengths and weaknesses using psychometric assessments and modifying your hiring strategy to address such
  • Implementing sales tools that provide insights into sales effectiveness issues and help salespeople execute more consistently in the field
  • Creating a dashboard to help you see the “sales health” more accurately
  • Identifying drag in the sales process and using best practices to improve the efficiency going forward

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Marketing & Product Management

Trend research, product launches, and creating differentiated marketing messages, while often time-consuming responsibilities, are key to effective marketing management. But without fully effective campaigns, sub-performing product lines and market segments, and misaligned messaging can result in poor lead generation and minimize revenue potential.

We can help by:

  • Aiding in the creation of a well-balanced Image, Market, and Opportunity Development plan
  • Providing insight on gaps in product/service lines and opening new avenues of growth
  • Teaching you how to more accurately profile targeted buyers
  • Aligning your marketing messages and sales presentations to your organization's desired market penetration strategy 

Contact Us to discuss how Revenue Storm can help align your marketing messages with your sales process and strategy to improve your marketing ROI.

Sales Operations

Effective sales operations are critical to the success and growth of any company competing for market share. Unreliable metrics, low CRM adoption, under-performing talent, rising costs, and inaccurate forecasting are just some of the hurdles that face sales organizations. Revenue Storm provides a unique approach to creating a positive sales culture that demonstrates discipline and consistent execution.

Together, we help by:

  • Creating sales dashboard metrics that align with overall business goals
  • Aligning internal departments to better execute the same go-to-market strategy
  • Implementing effective sales tools in your CRM system that benefit both salespeople and managers alike
  • Identifying minimum expectations beyond revenue performance that are measurable and meaningful
  • Coaching your team as they navigate the revenue funnel and pipeline

Contact Us to learn how you can provide insight to leadership on your sales organization’s health and recommend where improvements will make the fastest impact.

Strategic Account Program

Executives responsible for a company’s key accounts have many names, but their responsibilities are very similar — most notably, to manage and oversee account revenue growth, strategic account identification, and new account targeting.

Revenue Storm creates and delivers custom coaching and training programs to help Strategic Account Managers strengthen and develop the competencies most important for their complex roles. The Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) trusts us as a preferred provider and requires one of our sessions as part of their certification program.

Revenue Storm clients benefit from a variety of services, some of which include:

  • Sales methodology training
  • Strategic account planning sessions 
  • Account management opportunity coaching
  • Identifying strong account management candidates
  • Developing strong value propositions designed to create demand

Contact Us to learn how our strategies and techniques can help you improve account renewal rates, margin erosion, poor customer satisfaction, and loss of wallet share. 

HR & Talent Management

Company growth and success depends largely on the dedication and effectiveness of those who represent your brand to clients. Building a roster of skilled sales professionals requires developing and maintaining a pipeline of strong candidates, developing accurate role profiles, and being able to objectively assess the sales potential of your best candidates. Distractions caused by turnover, ineffective hiring practices, and dissatisfaction with the role can result in a series of bad hires and hinder success.

Revenue Storm enables those responsible for finding and hiring sales talent to use proven science to aid their selection. We help by:

  • Creating a profile for the personnel who succeed most in your environment
  • Identifying and overcoming gaps in your talent pool
  • Assessing hiring practices and developing insightful behavioral-based interview questions
  • Identifying organizational strengths and weakness of the sales team to be used to create a prioritized development plan
  • Coaching management to better develop the individual
  • Reducing the Sales Manager's tendency to hire in their own image, rather than hiring to the appropriate role profile

Human Resources professionals can be certified to coach salespeople as well as sales leaders. Sales Managers can use the same strategies to build a talented and effective sales team.

Contact Us to discuss how to attract and engage the best sales talent while inspiring growth in your current staff.

Learning & Development

Extracting the best from every member of your team can sometimes prove challenging. Different personalities, styles, needs, and experiences are assets to a corporate culture but can create disconnects in efforts to achieve team goals. Learning and Development leadership must harness those differences and create an environment of cohesion and success.

Through collaboration, we help L&D teams identify and prioritize the specific challenges facing their sales force and create a program to effectively raise the level of performance proficiency. Culled through years of corporate experience and success, our unique instructional design includes neuroscience techniques with tailored curriculum that can inspire even the most experienced sales professionals to sell differently.

We help by:

  • Categorizing sales talent for targeted training investments
  • Leveraging Competency Calibration™ Sessions to establish standards for excellence
  • Coaching sales talent and sales leadership to improve execution and performance
  • Launching performance support services to meet the needs of the field when and where they need them post training
  • Using simulations and gaming to reinforce learning in a fun, competitive manner

Contact Us to discuss the hurdles facing your organization. Our consultants can guide the identification, coaching, training, and building of a team whose attributes and competencies fit your business needs of tomorrow. 

Sales Professionals

Regardless of economic conditions, the sales environment is only becoming more and more competitive, requiring you to sell differently to stay ahead. Sales professionals look to our global experience, research, and best practices to keep current and seek advice from our experts on their most important pursuits. 

Revenue Storm creates tailored curriculum for sales professionals, leaving you with a collection of tested and proven strategies for closing deals at a higher rate of success. We can also help you increase your skills in:

  • Finding and creating more profitable customers
  • Crafting compelling value propositions that create buying interest
  • Bringing value to your customers with thought leadership 
  • Identifying your sales pursuit vulnerabilities in time to take corrective action
  • Selecting and executing sales strategies and tactics that will surprise the competition

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