Sales Leadership

Driver and Motivator for Great Sales Performance…AKA Team Coach

Sales Leadership is one of the most difficult jobs in an ever-increasing competitive market.  Industry surveys show Top Sales Leaders last an average of 19 months.  Transparency of pricing on the internet, a greater mix of generations in buyer and sales roles, more complicated customer political landscapes, and rapidly changing technology all add to the pressure of achieving revenue growth.  Now compound that with limited training, because it’s common to promote the best salespeople away from their clients and into sales management roles without investing in their sales leadership skills.

Leading sales teams today is very different than it was a decade ago.  As a Sales Leader, you need to know how to leverage digitized sales tools and CRM dashboards.  Your most important role is to establish a successful coaching culture.  Sales Coaching needs to drive momentum into specific sales actions that improve the probability of winning.  That isn’t easy!  It takes specialized training and personal coaching to develop a successful Sales Coach.  Our proprietary PERFORM coaching model accelerates focused sales discussions to generate action plans that can make a difference between winning and losing.

We can help…
  • Improve pipeline health
  • Develop winning sales teams
  • Achieve growth targets with forecast accuracy
  • Create world-class sales coaches


Our Coaching to RevenueProgram enables leaders to develop their Sales Governance Plan and provides training on the most common sales challenges that need targeted sales coaching.

We help leaders learn the benefits of impactful sales coaching.  Following the workshop, there are two virtual Coach-the-Coach sessions to observe and provide feedback that helps build the skill of Sales Coaching.

Our Sales Workshops are focused on both creating demand to expand sales opportunities and capturing demand by selling differently.  If the internal sale is slow or even harder than the external sale, we can compare your organization to others in your market to prioritize changes needed toward true Revenue Acceleration.

Beyond training and coaching, our science-based tools provide transparency to leadership and add objectivity into the sales process while improving win rates, shortening sales cycles and increasing the average deal size.

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