Every competitive sales opportunity has six common areas of vulnerability and our Pursuit Profiler Tool effectively evaluates these areas while providing real-time coaching insights. After years of research, we have unleashed science that accurately predicts the probability of winning. 

Understanding what client information and competitive intelligence is missing, plus how to go about gaining that knowledge, is vital to winning more deals. Not only does our tool do that, but it allows actions to be assigned to team members to measure advancement. 

Salespeople and leadership will gain insights into where the team is most vulnerable and an objective assessment of risk to proactively improve the sales pursuit.


Use the tools to identify:

  • which opportunities are advantaged, at parity or disadvantaged to better prioritize the sales teams efforts.
  • what vulnerabilities need to be strengthened before a competitive attack occurs.
  • the real probability of winning this opportunity.

Our sales tools are available on Microsoft Office (Windows or MAC) or native within your CRM system, including Salesforce® and Microsoft Dynamics.