Our Relationship Barometer Tool enables users to evaluate the strength of business relationships at the contact level, as well as the degree of influence and authority those contacts wield within an account or opportunity.  

The output will identify where there is not enough depth or breadth of strong relationships and pinpoints where to focus for improved results. 


The latest release also identifies key People of Interest that salespeople should be selling to. 

The Powered Org Chart can help uncover a path to reach the right people and show the political landscape to help focus tactical sales planning.


Let science identify:

  • whether you are over-investing in the wrong people, under-investing in the right people or missing the right people altogether.
  • where your relationships, and therefore your sales pursuit, are vulnerable to attack by competition.
  • the people with the most power and influence within the organization and how best to concentrate efforts in developing messaging to resonate with them.

Our sales tools are available on Microsoft Office (Windows or MAC) or native within your CRM system, including Salesforce® and Microsoft Dynamics.