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Challenges Account Managers Face

As account managers, one of your biggest challenges is to build stronger business relationships with key people of interest; especially in the event that your key contact is removed during a re-organization.  

This scenario creates undue threat from the competition vying to steal your accounts.  If the person you had a relationship with leaves the company, then the person’s replacement might prefer to work with someone else. 

What can you do to safeguard your accounts?

Knowledge is Power

To overcome a client re-org, it is critical that you have relationships beyond your immediate contacts. Revenue Storm has developed a science-based toolkit to help you proactively protect and grow these valuable relationships within your accounts.  

  • Relationship Barometer™ Tool : Enables users to evaluate the strength of business relationships at the contact level, as well as gauge the degree of their influence and authority. It uncovers a path to reach the right people and pinpoints where to focus for improved results.
  • Pursuit Profiler™ Tool : Delivers insight into where you could be most vulnerable to losing opportunities within your accounts, along with an objective assessment of risk.  This tool offers your chance to gain competitive advantage by strengthening your vulnerabilities before they come under fire by competitors.  
  • Qualifier™ Tool : If you’re trying to upsell or cross sell in an account, improve your win rate by identifying which opportunities are more qualified than others.  The Qualifier Tool plots the Should We Sell? and Can We Sell? over time to help you prioritize your effort. 

sama-tools-offerOur toolkit will help you build the knowledge to communicate value and position yourself as a trusted advisor. 

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$1200 a year ($100.00 per month)

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