Science of Sales

Revenue Powered by Science

Traditionally, selling has been considered an Art more than a Science.  But with buyers conducting over 50% of their own research online before even speaking to Sales, it’s hard to be artful when you can’t get someone on the phone.

In a world of constant changes driven by technology, the competitive landscape, and buyers’ expectations – you need to start applying the Science of Sales.

Leveraging science into your sales cycles enables data, algorithms and analysis to give you immediate access to insights and predictions.  In a world previously steeped in subjectivity, science brings you objectivity that clarifies the path to win more deals and enables leadership to create accountability in their teams.

Just to be clear, science doesn’t replace the art of selling – it leverages it.  Your thought leadership paired with the science of sales is key to creating demand.  This is where Business Rainmakers are born.


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