3-Dimensional Coaching

Highly Productive Sales Coaching in 3D

What is 3D Coaching?

There are three different dimensions of sales coaching.  1-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional are the most commonly used.  Yet, 3-Dimensional Coaching is where the magic happens.  3D coaching has the ability to create sustainable behavior change that expands an organization’s ability to win.


1D Coaching

The coach dispenses authoritative advice and the salesperson is answering questions.

2D Coaching

The coach and salesperson have a collaborative discussion without sales tools.

3D Coaching

Combines the science of tools, thought leadership of salesperson, and insight of coach.

Why 3D Coaching Matters?

A manager’s approach to coaching is highly dependent on their style, personality, history, and relationship with the salesperson being coached.  Without a structured approach, the likelihood is that one- or two- dimensional coaching will be adopted.  This is insufficient to change behavior and leads to an exhaustive cycle of quick fixes.  3D coaching makes each coach a change agent in your organization.  Having a regularly scheduled coaching session focused on specific accounts or opportunities, empowered by sales intelligence tools enables thoughtful proactive actions to beat the competition.  The result is a thriving, winning sales culture.

Benefits of 3D Coaching

  • Easily introduces or increases sales coaching
  • Depersonalizes tough conversations
  • Reinforces keystone habits that are proven to grow revenues
  • Tracks coaching activity within your CRM system
  • Uses proven science-based tools to create visual x-rays
  • Creates discipline and accountability in the sales force
The coaching session was excellent. The coach was able to deep dive into the current pursuit situation very quickly and was able to provide useful insights on how to approach the problem areas in the pursuit. It was very useful session and helped me immensely.

– Salesperson, Global IT Company

Next steps:

  • See the power of 3D coaching for yourself by having us coach one of your Must Win Opportunities – you will be amazed at the impact it has!
  • Train your sales leaders to become world-class Sales Coaches, starting with our Coaching to Revenue Program.  This highly interactive workshop will build the skills and confidence needed to lead structured, productive Sales Coaching where salespeople come prepared and eager to participate.
  • Request a Demo to see how in 1-hour a Revenue Storm Coach can bring incredible insight and advice to your most important sales opportunities!

Create Sustainable Behavior Change