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Here’s the deal – If a sale is important to you to win, it deserves an objective review. Even if you have years of experience!

Our tools put objectivity and consistency into selling to improve win rates and build a healthy pipeline. With visual insights and real-time coaching provided, you’ll have confidence to know if you are on track to win or receive an early warning if you are not.

We built our tools on a Microsoft Office base knowing companies, IT departments, and employees are familiar with it in today’s world. Since security is tight, these tools can remain behind internal firewalls.

“The Revenue Storm tools never fail to uncover gaps in a sales approach and provoke thought/action into addressing those gaps to improve chances of success.”  –Client Manager, IT Tech Company


Our Power Tools

Described in further detail under Sales Intelligence Tools

Assess the degree of qualification and prioritization of sales opportunities because improving win rates starts with better qualification!

Use science to quantify the probability of winning and identify sales vulnerabilities in time to strengthen your position to win.

Identify if there is enough support, in both depth and breadth, in the right relationships to win a competitive sales situation

Other Sales Tools Available

Account Growth Plan Template – Account Leadership Requires Vision

Sales teams reflect on existing customer business to create a new Account Vision that is a step-change from the current contract.

Competitive Win Plan Tool – Define Your Approach to Win Complex or Strategic Deals

Salespeople evaluate the competitive landscape to identify areas of weakness that can be capitalized on.  The tool provides recommendations for a competitive approach and helps the team determine a powerful Win Theme for successful sales execution.

Encounter Plan Template – Create Value Encounters, Not Just a Good Sales Call

This tool enables a team to plan a meeting to achieve the agreed sales objective, considering both enabling and inhibiting emotional buttons, as well as preconditioning needed prior to the meeting.  Executives should not attend a meeting without it!

Value Message Templates – Create Compelling Sales Messages and Presentations

Craft powerful sales messages targeted to buying personas that will create interest and action.  Salespeople, Marketing teams or Product Managers can utilize these templates to refine and tailor impactful messages, based on Thought Leadership.

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