There are essentially four different types of selling. No one type is better than the other. 

  • Type 1 Sales: Response-Centric - Out-responds the competition
    A good Type 1 salesperson appropriately and consistently responds to each stated need from the customer in a quick and efficient mode, focused on making each sales opportunity a fast and easy transaction.
  • Type 2: Information-Centric - Out-knows the competition
    A good Type 2 salesperson focuses on uncovering pertinent customer information, even confidential information, and couples it with his/her company information to create and propose solutions to meet the client's specific, pre-existing needs.
  • Type 3 Sales: Value-Centric - Out-values the competition
    A good Type 3 salesperson creatively generates sales opportunities by proactively locating and proposing new ways their organization can make a value contribution that will positively impact the clients' business metrics or stated key initiatives in a manner the client feels is uniquely valuable.
  • Type 4: Deal Maker-Centric - Out-partners the competition
    A good Type 4 salesperson searches for important market gaps that their organization can fill with the help of a strategic business partner and convinces both their organization and the targeted partner to invest in the deal to join together to seize new market. 

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