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Selling today is less about clarifying needs or responding to RFPs.  Salespeople and Account Managers need to become trusted advisors for their clients, therefore becoming Business Rainmakers for their organization.

There are 3 key things that buyers want from sellers today:

Thought leadership and advice from a trusted individual outside their organization who understands their business.

Recommendations to solve challenges with a Partnering pathway forward that minimizes future expenditures and risks.

Proactive innovation from someone who is thinking of new ways to improve their business and gain competitive advantage.

Meeting these needs as an organization or as an individual requires a shift in perspective, and then a shift in behavior. “Being the change” instead of waiting to see the change by someone else, will determine who gets there first.

You can either change now because you choose to, or you can change later because you have to and then hope it isn’t too late.

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