Virtual Training Approach

Build Keystone Behaviors to Sell Differently

The term digital learning tends to get overused to reflect any learning that happens on a PC or mobile device. But building new skills does not happen by just watching online videos. The true power of digital learning is the effective use of technology to create engaging experiences that support your salespeople in selling differently.

We agree that providing self-paced training has its place as reinforcement to support ongoing learning. In fact, we strongly advocate using our library of sales training videos throughout your organization to raise sales acumen in every role. After all, everyone needs to excel in selling their ideas internally. But if you want your client-facing personnel to change sales behaviors and improve win rates, they need guidance, structured learning with the latest in neuroscience, and personalized coaching to see firsthand how selling differently will improve their sales results.

Today, many organizations want to use virtual training to reduce time out of the field and minimize travel expenses, but they don’t believe you can have positive behavior change from a virtual program. For your virtual sales training program to be successful, it needs to provide attendees with a fully engaged experience, including both personal and group session work to maximize learning and real sales application. With our vast experience of designing highly successful virtual programs, we have found that properly designed virtual delivery includes many other benefits as well.

Virtual Training Benefits

     Reduce Travel Costs

     Build Accountability

     Leverage Social Learning

     Reduce Full Days Out Of The Field

     Reduce Forgetting Curve & Increase Adoption

Virtual Program Design

Our instructional design leverages the latest in neuroscience to build keystone behaviors that change how people sell.  Post training surveys show more than 100% ROI with every engagement.

  • Virtual format is available for each of our instructor-led training programs.
  • RevenueStorming Workshop for sales is available as a 4 or 8-week virtual program.
  • Access to online videos, eBooks, and job aids to provide a foundation of knowledge.
  • Personalization for participants to complete weekly assignments at preferred times.
  • Leverages structured virtual group sessions to discuss and apply concepts.
  • Participants use sales intelligence tools on their opportunities and receive coaching.
  • Badging, gamification, group contests and certification keep participants engaged.
  • Leadership is updated via leaderboard and the option to review assignments.

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