Managing To Revenue Workshop

Lead Your Team Differently to Maximize Sales Performance


The ultimate success of transforming the sales organization to drive profitable revenue growth lies with the Sales Leadership Team.

The Managing to Revenue Workshop prepares sales leaders to take an active role in the installation, governance, and coaching of the process taught to their team in our RevenueStorming Workshop.

Managers begin by attending a short virtual session to help prepare them for their role in the upcoming sales training, including an overview of the sales intelligence tools being implemented. Following the training, they regroup to discuss their responsibilities in managing both revenue acceleration and growing the talent of their team.

During this consultative workshop, leaders develop a personalized Sales Leadership Plan (SLP). The SLP includes identifying the desired go-to-market strategy, addressing sales challenges, and developing a coaching cadence that will drive team adoption and support new sales behaviors.

Bottom line – participating in a Managing to Revenue Workshop is about how leaders will lead differently to lift the performance of their sales team in the field.


        Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

        Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT)

“The instructor was able to make all new sales concepts relevant to our environment.  The planning tools will be an asset once put in place”

– SVP, Leading Postal Service Company


This workshop is designed for:

     Sales Enablement

   Sales Coaches

   Sales Leadership

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