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Up Your Game – You Don’t Need Permission to Be Great

Regardless of industry or size, our clients face a common challenge – the need to consistently increase profitable revenue.  Our thought leaders teach how to use demand creation to sell differently and increase your sales success.

Are you ready to create demand and raise your probability of winning in today’s competitive, B2B marketplace?

Our public workshops are popular for prior participants to return for a refresher, or if a client has only a few new hires they need to onboard quickly.  If your company isn’t planning any sales training this year, this is the perfect format to bring just your team.

“To up your game in sales, every salesperson needs to attend this workshop.”

– Sales Director, Top 100 Global Technology Firm

RevenueStorming Public Session:

This workshop is designed to improve win rates and expand the sales funnel.  Attendees work on highly desired accounts they want to start hunting and current competitive deals that are important to win.  Attendees get an eBook and Sales Intelligence Tool licenses while learning how to differentiate themselves when selling.  They will be able to execute a purposeful and defined Go-to-Market strategy to serve clients, win market share and outperform the competition.

This workshop is for you if you want to learn how to target and build stronger business relationships with key people of interest, create demand within existing and new accounts, or use a competitive strategy to engage and defeat your competition.

Upcoming 4-Week Virtual Workshops

Virtual                     Wednesdays, Beginning May 20

Virtual                     Thursdays, Beginning May 28

Virtual                     Fridays, Beginning May 22

Upcoming 2 Day Face-to-Face Workshops

Schaumburg, IL                      August 11-12, 2020

United Kingdom                    September 8-9, 2020

Schaumburg, IL                      September 17-18, 2020

Schaumburg, IL                      October 15-16, 2020

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Coaching to Revenue Public Session:

Prerequisite:  Have attended RevenueStorming Sales Training and have a current Revenue Storm Sales Tool license.

In Coaching to Revenue, you will design your personalized Sales Leadership Plan and cadence to strengthen team accountability, transparency and competitiveness through a disciplined, structure approached of sales coaching.

This workshop is for you if you want to become a best-in-class sales coach who creates clear, targeted action plans, boosts the win rates of your team while building building up their sales skills and business acumen.

Upcoming 2 Day Face-to-Face Workshops

Schaumburg, IL                      August 19-20, 2020

United Kingdom                    September 10-11, 2020

Schaumburg, IL                     October 22-23, 2020

Need a tune up? If you have attended sales training with us in the past, we provide refresher rates.  Contact us for more details.

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