High Impact Messaging Workshop

Capture an Executive’s Attention & Get the Meeting


This two-day workshop shows how to draft high impact messages targeted to buying personas. If you want to capture an executive’s attention within minutes or open new doors to revenue opportunities, this workshop will provide your team with the framework needed. There is both an art and science to knowing how much to share in an initial call to get a sales meeting. Avoid sharing too much, too soon or your target may not see a need for a sales meeting at all.

Attendees will craft messages to be used by inside sales or front-line salespeople over the phone to get the meeting. This includes what to prepare for the first sales call. It can be geared towards buying personas in a set of vertical industries or horizontal markets. Compelling stories are constructed based on market trends and their business impact. Participants then create compelling messaging and a 7-Slide Deck for Inside Sales and the sales force to use. This approach can create demand and capture an executive’s imagination to take the next step.

The results from this workshop — real, compelling messages for your sales team that position you as a proactive thought leader to land more meetings.  Sales always needs more first meetings!


        Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

        Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT)

“The discussion of buying zones and entry doors was very helpful as it pushed us to think critically about how we engage clients and where we have an opportunity to improve our engagement techniques.”

– Corporate Strategy Manager, Privately-Held Behavioral Health Company


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