Marketing Alignment Planning Workshop

Sales & Marketing Working Together = Revenue Multiplier


Here is a hard truth.  Few companies achieve Sales and Marketing Alignment.  Sales is always asking for more stuff to make selling easier, faster and shorter.  Marketing is always busy working on projects Sales says they need, but with the fear that they won’t really use it.

Today, Marketing is a team sport!  It’s more than branding, advertising and managing social media.  Marketing needs to create demand and generate leads, as well as nurture potential prospects to someday become a qualified lead.  It’s about fueling the revenue engine.  To do this, Marketing and Sales need a framework and a process.  This workshop provides that.

In this 2.5-day workshop participants prioritize strategic and tactical action plans to purposefully produce significant returns.  Product managers, vertical leads and marketing leaders leave with tangible sales tools that are 80% complete with only simple graphical design and editing to be completed.


        Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

“Research shows that companies with tight sales-marketing alignment have 38% higher win rates and generate 208% more revenue.”

– Salesforce


This program is designed for:


    Sales Leadership


Accelerate Sales