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When To Do Sales Training

You should plan Sales Training every year.  Why?  Because buying and selling, as well as the competitive landscape, are changing rapidly.  To grow revenues, Sales must adapt and sell differently.  If sellers don’t get out in front, buyers will choose the lowest price or fastest delivery from a sea of commoditized vendors.

We don’t believe Sales Training is just a workshop or event.  It’s a pathway of skill development that builds versatility and competitiveness in your sales team. Businesses are looking for ways to solve problems, grow revenues & profits, and gain market share.  To help them do that, Sales must provide thought leadership and valuable insights.

The latest in neuroscience shows that training needs to be reinforced often and in different ways to “stick” and become a habit.  We use these design principles to make learning personal, memorable and readily available for frequent and purposeful reinforcement.

Our Formats

Our training offerings are modular and flexible to level up people wherever they are.  Workshops are delivered face-to-face, fully virtual, or in a blended learning experience.  All offerings include virtual coaching and monthly webinars to make learning a pathway, not an event.  We purposefully design training to be highly interactive by using cohort group work and personal sales work.  We assess competency gaps and sales challenges, and then quickly customize training to target those needs.  You can use our digitized training on your Learning Management System or ours.  We can collaborate on the training solution to fit your needs, as well as customized assignments, case studies, and simulations.

“Executive buyers tell us that only 20% of the salespeople they meet with are successful in achieving their expectations and creating value. Only one in four of these salespeople get agreement from executive buyers to meet again.” 

– Forrester Research

Next Steps:

Due to COVID-19, all workshops are being delivered virtually. Learn more about our virtual training approach.

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