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Shifting Your Sales Focus

February 6, 2014
Author: LaVon Koerner

In your sales tenure, you’ve probably been schooled to uncover what’s keeping an executive up at night or to expose pain points and dramatically articulate the awful consequences of not urgently accepting your solution. Abolishing customers’ problems has been the chant of most sales cycles being pursued. However, a recent trend has created the need for a drastic shift in sales focus. 

Senior executives, under immense pressure from their stockholders, are now being tasked to refocus their attention from cutting costs back to growing their business. This change of focus in the boardroom has given birth to a new way of selling. To be relevant to executives today, the sales dialog needs to evolve from the traditional known points of pain discussion to a nontraditional unknown points of gain discussion.

But even this upgrade in dialog needs to be carried one step further to become effective. Sales has now become much more personal. In the past, a good sales campaign was successful if it solved an organizational problem. Today, that approach is nothing more than table stakes for being considered as a serious contender. The real contest is for the hearts and minds of the politically powerful individuals who have both the power and inclination for advancing your vision for their organization.

It all begins with a simple but powerful truism: Companies don’t buy our offerings, People do.

Are you selling to a Company or a Person?




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