While training solves knowledge gaps, coaching is the key to closing performance gaps. In fact, recent studies suggest that coaching explains a 17% performance difference between those coached and those not coached.

So why aren't all companies seeing these great results? Doesn't every manager already do coaching today?

The difference is in the approach. Revenue Storm’s unique Three-Dimensional coaching approach builds in accountability, discipline, and processes for using new methods and tools post sales training. This approach is so effective that we've used it to help clients win over $10 billion.

5 ways to coach your sales team

Revenue Storm performs various types of coaching and consulting related to sales effectiveness and efficiency, addressing: 

  • Winning Must Win Opportunities
  • Winning Most Wanted Accounts
  • Building a Strategic Account Plan                              
  • Executing a Competitive Win Plan
  • Crafting Value Propositions                                        
  • Improving Sales Presentations
  • Coaching Coaches                                                           
  • Coaching Senior Executives to get more from Sales Leaders

We have a proven track record and are so confident in our approach that we'll even offer a gain sharing arrangement, where we’ll agree to goals and put our profits at risk until results have been documented.

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