The best way to change the behaviors of a team is with an effective leader. Yet first and second line sales leaders are one of the greatest weaknesses in sales organizations today.

Being a sales leader has also never been more challenging; they have big growth goals, less tenured salespeople, and larger teams due to downsizing at the top. 

To be successful, sales leaders—especially first and second line sales leaders—need to lead from the front. 

Revenue Storm’s leadership development approach gives sales leaders the additional support, training, and pragmatic tools they need to achieve their goals and develop a top performing team. Using an online survey, we’ll identify and prioritize your greatest needs and then together develop a customized solution. Our programs usually includes:

  • Management Workshops – We demonstrate best practices so sales leaders can see examples and then replicate.
  • Leadership Participation in Sales Training Workshops – Sales leaders run exercises to show they are engaged and leading the change process.
  • Virtual Coach-the-Coach Sessions – Sales leaders are observed coaching their people and receive one-on-one feedback to further raise their leadership proficiency.
  • Tools and Methods Specifically for Sales Leaders – These tools and methods help sales leaders from day one until the concepts become a part of how they lead.
  • An Assigned Coach – The coach is available whenever needed to help drive the changes necessary, not just during workshops.

Building a strong, cohesive sales leadership team is vital to your sales success. Contact Us to get started.