Sales enablement is all about arming your sales force with the right processes, tools, and resources they need to be successful. To ensure maximum results, it’s critical to translate new learning and techniques into consistent application. Revenue Storm’s sales enablement services leverage technology for reinforcement, just-in-time learning, and measurement. They include:

  • Software Toolkit – Our advanced software toolkit adds objectivity into your sales process by uncovering a visual x-ray of your relationship landscape, degree of qualification, and level of competitive advantage. The x-ray provides an objective means for managers to coach more efficiently and effectively using 3-dimensional coaching. The associated dashboards help identify forecast inaccuracies in time to take corrective action and can also highlight behavior change on key sales metrics. Our toolkit is compatible with both PCs and Macs and is available for use in CRM systems or Microsoft Office.
  • Performance Support System – A performance support system can provide your sales force value when and where they need it with the click of a button. Our HTML5 cloud-based system is mobile friendly and will provide individuals and teams premium access to bite-sized content, including: videos, recorded webinars, module-based eLearning, white papers, and both paper and electronic job aids. We let your sales force determine what support they need and how and when they need it. We can also grant your sales force easy access to Revenue Storm coaching through the system, if desired. 

Enable sales anytime, anywhere. Contact Us to learn how we’ve helped Sales Enablement teams bring the best value possible to their sales force.