According to research by Dr. Ebbinghaus, the "forgetting curve" will cause people to forget up to 90% of learning if they don't use it or recall it with frequency following training. In order to make new concepts stick it is critical to use ongoing reinforcement and application. 

To address this issue we have developed a series of short reinforcement videos that focus on the key concepts taught in our RevenueStorming class. Using bite-sized topical videos (also known as microlearning) has been proven to help with transfer and retention of knowledge.



By recalling the concepts taught in class individuals will make new connections in the brain that become stronger every time they watch a video or apply a concept in their daily activities. Using the latest in neuroscience design, our videos include a purposeful use of narration, animation, and internalization questions to boost retention. 

If you would like to purchase this new offering it is available now on our performance support portal for individual purchase. You can also buy coaching by the hour to help refine your value propositions or final presentations.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about purchasing this offering for your team, please contact us