The most significant contributor to improving win rates and building competitive advantage is the way you sell. 

Today, 70% of consumer buying decisions are made before salespeople become involved. Buyers don’t need salespeople to educate them on products and services anymore. They want ideas on what they can do to improve their business—not just a solution for today’s issues. They want sellers to be thought leaders who can give them advice and, more importantly, provide valuable insight that pushes their own thinking further.

Sales organizations that haven’t evolved will soon find themselves obsolete. You can either change now because you want to, or you can change later when you have to.    

Revenue Storm’s sales training transforms an organization’s dependence on buyer-initiated buying processes to seller-initiated sales campaigns. That means that selling is no longer just a function of uncovering or responding to preexisting demand but is about creating demand where none existed before.

Together, we'll create a custom set of programs designed to focus on your sales organization’s specific needs. Our programs are highly interactive, using the latest technology and instructional design methods to capture attention and keep participants engaged. We take a unique approach, using live accounts and opportunities in the training sessions to accelerate returns. Additionally, we bundle in coaching post session to help build accountability and application with tools and concepts.