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The Business Rainmakers Experiences are high-impact workshops designed to address specific sales challenges and are customized for target personas, industries, and offerings. They ignite excitement and upskill sales professionals to think and execute in immediately applicable ways.

Through interactive activities, teams will witness and draw inspiration from diverse approaches to the same challenges, fostering agility in their thinking and problem-solving. 

Additionally, leadership gains valuable insights into the capability and creativity of their sales organization, gaining a deeper understanding of their team’s potential.


This engaging 3 – 4-hour workshop pits sales teams against each other in a real-life competitive case study. Relationship strategies, personal agendas, power struggles, and real-time assessment of risks are included to make this a high-energy and competitive engagement.

Salespeople work in groups to build a strategy to win the case study opportunity! This role-play competition also includes client senior leadership to assist and provide feedback. Revenue Storm uses a rubric to coach the teams and determine the winning team in this interactive session.



Creating demand begins with a compelling 7-Part Story that captures the curiosity and imagination of the prospect and moves into an engaging conversation worthy of continuing. This virtual experience is conducted in 3 sessions over several weeks.

Salespeople work in teams to create their compelling story in a PPT format, and then in the final 90-minute session, present their story to an “executive team,” including a senior client representative. The teams are then judged, and the winning team is recognized. The captivating narratives created can be used in real-life opportunity creation endeavors.


Lead an Engaging Sales Conversation

This one-day interactive simulation invites sales teams to engage in dynamic competition. Based on real-life client scenarios designed to drive demand, teams strive to show thought leadership and stimulate new opportunities.

Teams compete by setting up a mock initial meeting to engage the targeted personas in meaningful communication. As client objections are navigated, other teams may interject, creating potential disruptions. The victorious squad ultimately earns recognition and the distinction from their accomplishment.

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Win Negotiation

What skills, approaches, personality, and tactical insights allow you to create a negotiation that becomes collaborative, not competitive?

This customized experience will enable you to tailor the negotiation role-play with chosen buying personas and a typical negotiation situation your salespeople face. The role-play is designed for a problem relevant to your sales team: renewal, a new product, or a price increase. This 2-to 3-hour face-to-face experience includes each team facing the negotiation, each achieving either a win/win or a loss. Teams debrief afterward to understand further the most successful negotiation strategies deployed.


“Revenue Storm’s Apps provide us with useful ways to measure and set the business’s target audience. The Apps are also used to improve communication and alignment between departments, foresee challenges, and make better decisions that result in winning deals.”

– Sales Executive,
Enterprise Manufacturing Corporation 


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