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Top 5 Gift Ideas for a Sales Pro

December 4, 2017

There are just some people that are difficult to shop for because they are either notoriously picky or they already have everything. 

Having a salesperson on your list, however, is a whole new level of hard. 

What do you give to somebody who always has their pulse on the biggest and best products? 

When you have loved ones that work in sales, you have to understand their lifestyle and get a little creative when you're shopping for the holidays. Luckily, these top five gift ideas should be perfect for even the most discerning sales pro on your list!

Affirmation Calendar

You may think your friendly, neighborhood sales professional has it together. After all, isn't being cheerful and chipper part of the job requirement? 

The truth is that no one is always at their best, and there are plenty of days that your gift recipient could use a boost to their A-game. While you may not be available to throw your friend a high five, an affirmation calendar can serve as a motivating way to give your loved one a daily boost.

Sales Books

It's impossible to know everything about any profession, but the best salespeople are always learning. The good news is that there are experts in sales that can give your loved one a leg up. From classics to the latest and greatest, these books have a lot to offer to the serious sales pro.

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

First published in 1936, this book remains a cornerstone tome for the sales profession. While sales training can do a lot, understanding people is what makes the difference between good and great salespeople.

  • How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger

Failure isn't a stumbling block to success; it's the bridge as anyone who's made it well knows. This is an excellent book for understanding the complexities of sales so that fear doesn't get in the way of ultimate success.

  • The Sales Survival Handbook by Ken Kupchik

Is your friend the gladiator of sales? Does your loved one get their job done right down in the trenches? This realistic look at the industry and how to not only survive but thrive is sure to hit the gift-giving mark.

Travel Pillow

Whether it's frequent trips for sales training or hitting the road to drum up business, travel is a challenging part of a salesperson's life. While getting out into the world can be exciting, it is also one of the most exhausting parts of working in sales, and any little comfort is sure to be appreciated by your friend in the industry.

A travel pillow is a practical way to ease the hassle of being away from home. Most pillows will get the job done, but there are plenty of fun options that are perfectly giftable, so there's no reason not to make this gift both exciting and useful. 

Coffee is for Closers Mug

It's probably a given that your salesperson friend is always looking for that burst of energy, and coffee is likely a staple in their daily routine. 

While any mug can deliver a daily dose of caffeine, why not give a gift that turns a mundane ritual into a friendly reminder that they've got this? The 'Coffee is for Closers' mug is great for all your friends who work in sales, providing a motivational message with every cup of joe!

Bluetooth Headset

Whether it's by plane, train or automobile, salespeople are almost always on the move, and it's important that your loved one can get the job done without taking their eyes off the road, meaning hands-free with a Bluetooth headset is the only way to go. Because sales pros generally are into technology, a feature-packed headset is probably your best bet when hooking up your salesperson with new gear.

That’s a Wrap

When it comes to gift giving, some recipients always seem to be one step ahead of you, and it's not easy to find an original and thoughtful gift. If your friends or family members work in sales, they have a unique and often challenging lifestyle. By focusing on the creative, quirky and useful, you can impress your sales pro friend with the perfect gift. Happy shopping, and have a wonderful holiday season!

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