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We have one passion – to improve the success of every person we work with.  It’s that simple.

Founded more than 20 years ago, Revenue Storm is a global sales performance consulting company employing the latest in neuro and behavioral science.  Our singular focus is to improve our client’s sales effectiveness with higher win rates and revenue growth.  We meet clients where they are – driving revenue to the next level.  This could mean developing new sales competencies, building a winning coaching culture, launching sales intelligence tools, or creating a valued sales enablement capability.

Because we are a privately-held company, we are unaffected by corporate noise.  There is absolutely nothing in our way of doing what makes our clients more successful.  In fact, we are so confident in our ability to raise your revenues that we are willing to put some of our profits at risk to commit to your success.

Revenue Storm’s consulting, assessments, software, training and coaching is delivered globally, in over 60 countries and in 7 languages.  We founded our firm targeting High Tech and Consulting Services industries because they were the most competitive and innovative.  Our success there would keep us at the forefront of change, enabling us to bring sales transformation to other markets, including Manufacturing, Telecommunications and Financial Services.

Revenue Storm’s core values drive us to pursue excellence, innovation, teaming and client success.


After years in the sales training industry, Debby Rizzo and LaVon Koerner saw a need to help organizations solve complex sales challenges that confront them day in and day out.  It was more than just teaching salespeople what to do and why.  They knew, successful organizations needed an aligned infrastructure that supported Sales.  They felt Sales needed to work more closely with Marketing to create demand rather than sit back waiting for prospects to come to them.

Revenue Storm was the first firm to teach Demand Creation skills to salespeople and create a Sales and Marketing framework to better leverage their skill sets, together.  Debby and LaVon felt there must be science that could predict who would be good at selling and in what environment – i.e., Go to Market Strategy.

Debby and LaVon spent months, with industrial and organizational (I/O) psychologists to identify the profiles for success and then tested their theories.  This enabled them to see gaps in the market.

While some people were touting “Great Salespeople are Born, not Made” psychometric science proves differently.  There are certainly personality attributes that better support selling in different environments, but many skills are teachable to become a great salesperson.

They invested in software to act as a real-time coach, to help people out in the field.

With science as their foundation, Debby and LaVon created an organization that is a forerunner in today’s Sales Enablement space.  Through partnering with like-minded colleagues, they have built a company that is passionate about Sales and enables people to achieve their sales goals more consistently and predictably.


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