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Client Commitment through Agility and Creativity


Leader Driving Our Strategy to Enable Success in Others

Debby Rizzo, Chief Executive Officer

Debby defines our current reality and the future vision for Revenue Storm.  As Chief Executive Officer, Debby’s active leadership and passion for innovation keeps us striving to measurably improve our clients’ revenue results.  Her mantra is what keeps us striving to be our best.  “Validate client impact — Demonstrate high value in each offering and with ROI that is unmatched in our industry.”

The vision for helping salespeople develop their talents and de-mystify good selling behaviors for those outside of sales, drives her focus.  She has been a leader and author in sales effectiveness for more than 25 years and is just as excited about Selling today and the pathway forward as she was when she first started.  Listen to her point of view on a Training Industry Podcast about Sales Enablement here.


Motivational Speaker Inspiring Others to Achieve More Revenue

LaVon Koerner, Chief Revenue Officer

With a charismatic personality, LaVon helps business leaders think through their desired Go-to-Market approach and how they want their salespeople to be perceived in the market.  His passion for selling is only matched by his sense of humor.  This makes him an entertaining speaker – with a mind of a consultant and a heart of a trainer and coach.

As a sought-after speaker, LaVon has been invited to speak at The Strategic Account Management Association every year for the past decade.  He also speaks at company events and industry venues like The International Conference on Organizational Development where he spoke alongside former President George Bush.  We are grateful to have him contribute to our Thought Leadership webinar series as well as our articles.  Find his latest, here.

“LaVon Koerner was by far the best facilitator / coach I’ve come across in my entire career. Bar None….”  – August 2018 Revenuestorming Workshop in India


Trusted Advisor to Invest Resources for Client Maximum Return

Curt Wuerdeman, Chief Financial Officer

Curt is a seasoned business executive with over 20 years of financial advisory experience.  He often works with client’s contractual needs utilizing his vast knowledge in IP law, before pulling in our external legal counsel.

He not only manages the business financially, he truly is passionate about Sales.  Curt is involved with analyzing our impact for our client’s sales metrics.  This includes reviewing client sales compensation plans to ensure they motivate the right behaviors as well as participating in simulations as a potential CFO decision maker.  Curt serves as a board member to Revenue Storm and several small, privately-held businesses.


Leader of World-Class Coaches and Facilitators

Kevin Doddrell, Executive Vice President

Kevin is a sought-after speaker and author on the topics of the science of sales, practical and impactful sales coaching and the best practices in a winning sales culture.  Some of the largest company icons, savvy client executives, and experienced sales leaders and coaches have shared that Kevin’s approaches have personally impacted their success.  He has a big fan club!

Besides running our Coaching Practice, Kevin personally provides one-on-one coaching to Senior Executives.  He coaches several of the world’s largest competitive “mega deals” in high-tech, telecommunications, and IT outsourcing.

Prior to joining Revenue Storm, Kevin had several CXO positions in public companies after beginning his career in Sales and Marketing.  His sense of humor and New Zealand accent add to his charm.  We are grateful to have him contribute to our Thought Leadership series.  Find his latest, here.

“Kevin improved my learning as he had real empathy.  Fantastic instruction.  Really made me think differently and I have already lined up account meetings to review opportunities using the Revenue Storm tool set.”  – June 2018 Revenuestorming Workshop in London


Expert Specializing in Sales & Marketing Alignment

Bill Wallace, Executive Vice President

Bill heads our Marketing Alignment practice and is known for his ability to work directly with clients to achieve significant sales performance improvements backed by his sought-after coaching and workshop facilitation style.  He is a “tell it like it is” consultant, speaker, author, coach and trainer whom people have said has changed their lives with his advice.

With his experience ranging from big corporations to start-ups, he is a sponge for assimilating the best in each situation and helping others to raise their performance to the next level.  His creativity has no bounds and he motivates people to change because of his practical ideas and methods, along with our proven tools, methodologies and frameworks.

Bill is known and loved for his edgy, provocative style.  He’s at home working with financial firms, high-tech or manufacturing clients, internet incubators, start-ups and venture capitalists.  Prior to Revenue Storm, he held roles as a President, CEO, COO after having served in sales leadership for years.  Find his latest, here.

“The Revenue Storm framework and insight is some of the best I have received over my career.  And you as the facilitator leading the charge was an absolute bonus.  Really appreciated your mix of experience, insights, no-BS approach, and humor when needed.”   – October 2018 Revenuestorming Workshop in Germany


Helping Change Sales Behavior One Client at a Time

Lauren Gullatte, Client Success Manager

As the Client Success manager, Lauren is driven to pursue excellence and improve the success of each person we work with, daily.  This critical role drives the successful implementation of our offerings within each unique client organization.  Her team of project managers work directly with the client’s team and our assigned Account Manager to manage contracts to plan, implement timelines and commitments, track results and solve client issues quickly and satisfactorily.

A strong leader who can multi-task like no one else, Lauren keeps a laser-like focus on ensuring our client platforms and systems enable smooth, well communicated deliveries globally.  The result is a Revenue Storm fan base with happy, delighted customers.  Lauren, also, champions GDPR compliance for data protection.


Developing Our Team’s Talents and Keeping Us Agile & Versatile

Tracy Keighron, Human Resources Manager

For Tracy, her role is more than managing internal day-to-day human resource programs and policies.  She is passionate about acquiring the best talent, maximizing talent with ongoing learning and development, and understanding the HR issues that concern our clients.

Her impact cannot be overstated as she leads us all to achieve higher goals of leadership and professionalism.  Many organizations talk about what it is like to be nimble and entrepreneurial.  Tracy creates programs to build these needed skills.  In our culture, Tracy is an advocate for boldly and compassionately speaking the truth.  Which fits in great, since Revenue Storm doesn’t sugar coat the truth.  We are tough on issues and kind with people.  Our employee engagement is strong, thanks in large part due to her fun and thoughtful approach to HR.


Connecting the Dots to Optimize Our Revenue Engine

Mia Arcieri, Marketing Director

Mia leads our branding and lead generation Revenue Engine.  She is a kind, high energy speaker whose positive attitude revs up our team!  Her versatility with technology, writing and strategy are great foundations, but adding in her equal drive for fun and winning truly makes her a valued leader.

Upon joining us, Mia jumped right into learning our buying personas and clients.  It was important to her to understand how we help people, what their challenges are and Revenue Storm’s validated impacts for improving their situations.  Next, she wanted to learn and be sure we execute what we teach clients (i.e. aligning Marketing and Sales).

Prior to Revenue Storm, Mia worked for both entrepreneurial companies and large corporations.  She exemplifies a spirit to help our clients to do business better and faster than imagined.  Writing clear, compelling copy that pulls you in is her favorite part of Marketing.  As a gifted writer, we have used her skills internally to date so If you want to see for yourself, visit more of our website!

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