Creator of Content, Leads, and the Brand…AKA Sales Starter

We need more sales leads, we need better sales leads!

Trust us, we hear the chant at every company we encounter.  It’s a familiar story.

Does Sales use the marketing collateral that has been painstakingly created?  Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.

We recommend the Hollywood principle.  Marketing creates storylines and sales presentations that will resonate with sales targets, like a screen writer would with a movie.  Sales tailors those messages to suit the sales situation, like an Actor would improvise to successfully evoke the desired audience emotions.

Creating demand is both a Sales and Marketing responsibility.  We help each side see the whole picture and work together more seamlessly and effectively.

Break the cycle of Sales and Marketing misalignment.  Work with us to start a successful journey internally, with the destination being Demand Creation and better, qualified leads.

We can help…
  • Align Sales and Marketing to an agreed Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Create high-impact messaging that Sales will value
  • Teach Sales to create demand
  • Create competitive strategies and an actionable playbook


Improve your revenue results by ensuring alignment between sales and marketing in our Marketing Alignment Planning Workshop. 

Develop high impact messages to get an executives’ attention in our High-Impact Messaging Workshop.  Compelling stories are constructed based on market trends and their business impact.

Insight and Thought Leadership from our Content Library shows you at a glance some of the latest trending topics.

Align Sales & Marketing

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