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Laser Focused on Sales Effectiveness…AKA Everything that Improves Sales

Sales Enablement is a new, exciting role for many companies.  For some, it replaced and expanded Sales Operations.  For others, Sales Enablement is a different group altogether.  A typical goal for Sales Enablement is to lead and support the sales force to grow revenue faster and more efficiently.  That is a big task and we know courage is one of your personality attributes.

Improving Sales Effectiveness in a sales force is like improving the performance of an expensive formula race car – a custom, sophisticated machine that needs to be well-aligned to run efficiency and effectively.  The care and maintenance must be disciplined and consistent to keep the car in tune, moving fast and efficiently.  In your role, you must have a deep understanding of Sales, Learning & Development, CRM Systems and Analytics.  Add to that, the extra challenge for the Sales Enablement Leader to improve sales teams’ results in those whom directly report to others – typically to a VP of Sales.  This takes political savvy to navigate the internal politics, successfully.

You can gain a reputation as the wise person who organized an inclusive, yet thorough assessment, leveraging external expertise.  Get clarity on your sales improvement efforts and priorities so executives buy-in.  We will co-navigate the political landscape as a trusted, external party with vast, global experience.  Some of the most innovative, high tech companies in the world trust us.  You should too.

We can help…
  • Prioritize improvement areas for biggest impact
  • Improve win rates
  • Increase the number of people that achieve their sales goals
  • Provide performance benchmarking and sales diagnostics


Our Revenue Engine Assessment identifies where there is internal organizational drag and where improvements would have the fastest impact.  This is represented as The Revenue Strategy Alignment Index and calibrates your Revenue Proficiency Metric – The RPM of your revenue engine to show how aligned and efficient your revenue engine is within the organization.

We offer the latest in Sales Training virtually, face-to-face or in a blended format.  Small groups are a great way to begin to show tremendous impact.

Our Sales Tools pair the latest in software technology with a structured, defined method of sales coaching to produce measurable results.  We are so confident in the approach to win deals and achieve sales targets, that we will put some of our profits on the line.

Grow Revenue Faster and More Efficiently

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