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Defuse the Disruption

As salespeople, our lives are very much about meetings… virtual meetings, as well as in-person. Effective, well-facilitated meetings are our most reliable path to success and help define our personal brand. But… what do we…
Vince Corcia
December 6, 2022

DNA of Winning the Strategic Deal

About 10-15 years ago, megadeals, especially IT service megadeals, were worth hundreds of millions of dollars… and in some cases, billions! IT service providers were set up to successfully manage and pursue these very large…
Ian Ramsbottom
October 20, 2022

Words & Tone Do Matter

Remember your favorite teacher, coach, mentor, or advisor who had a large impact? What was it about the conversation that inspired and/or moved you in a positive direction? Now, turn your memories upside down and…
Ilsa Mendoza-Jackson
September 13, 2022

Should We Fire the Coach?

The various football leagues in Europe have completed their seasons and some teams have performed very well. Real Madrid defeated Liverpool in the Champions League to win the ultimate trophy. Manchester City in England, Paris…
Jacques Bossonney
August 23, 2022

Encounter Planning for the Win

As many of us are enjoying the good fortune by returning to normal ways of conducting business following the pandemic, one of the great joys coming back are client meetings. Real, live, face-to-face client meetings.…
Ian Ramsbottom
August 16, 2022
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