Sales Intelligence Tools

CRM Apps for Sales Enablement

If you want to improve your win rate, grow account revenues, create demand and build a healthy pipeline – you need a clear picture of reality and vision of where to focus to get the best results.  That’s where Sales Intelligence Tools kick in, especially for Sales Enablement.  Our CRM Apps take data and information and turn it into insight and prediction.  The faster you can provide the sales force insight into their sales vulnerabilities, the faster they can address them to beat the competition.  Pairing the latest in software technology with exceptional coaching is the catalyst to win deals and achieve quotas.

Relationship Barometer Tool

Let Science Gauge Your Business Relationships

Companies don’t buy things – people do.  But too often salespeople under-invest in the right people, over-invest in the wrong people, or miss key people altogether.

Understanding both the authority and influence an individual has in the buying decision and aligning your messaging to them is critical to success.

The Relationship Barometer Tool allows you to quickly and objectively evaluate your business relationships.  Uncover organizational gaps and specific people where you need to strengthen your relationships, as well as the best path to build new relationships.


Pursuit Profiler Tool

X-Ray Pursuits to Uncover Your Sales Vulnerabilities

How accurate are your organization’s sales forecasts?  Using proprietary algorithms, the Pursuit Profiler Tool accurately predicts your probability of winning.

Have you identified what your advantage is over the competition so you can better leverage it?  Do you know where your opportunity is at its greatest risk?  Now you can objectively evaluate your opportunities to uncover strengths and vulnerabilities so you can focus your efforts on winning.

Real-time coaching insights provide guidance on how to win.  You can even assign tasks from the embedded Tactical Action Plan that get pushed to team members for follow-up, right within your CRM.

Qualifier Tool

Use Science to Objectively Qualify Opportunities

Determining if a deal is qualified is one of the most important decisions you will make.

The truth is, there are deals you will easily win and there are deals you just can’t win.  That leaves you with the balance of deals where you really need to focus to compete.

With the Qualifier Tool, you can visually see the prioritization of deals you should be spending time on and real-time coaching insights to guide the sale.


Dashboards For Sales Enablement

Insight At-A-Glance

Customized dashboards provide data insight from our Sales Intelligence CRM Tools to enable sales teams and individual performers to best determine their prioritization and focus.

This at-a-glance visual helps increase sales effectiveness by displaying which accounts, contacts and opportunities need specific attention to improve competitive advantage.  The App Dashboards take data and information and turn it into insight and prediction.  Trends and trouble spots are identified to speed salespeople to action and provide warning signs to sales leaders.  You don’t want to be surprised when deals you thought were closing in 30 days – don’t.  Our tools and dashboards will uncover where managers should provide coaching to increase the probability of winning.

*Our Sales Intelligence Apps can be leveraged in your CRM, native within Salesforce® CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and coming soon as a cloud app with APIs for any CRM.  Our Sales Intelligence Tools are also available on Microsoft Office (Windows or MAC).

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