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Performance of your first-line Sales Leaders is critical to achieving revenue goals.  Ironically, our surveys show this role is the most underinvested in for personal development.

Being an effective Sales Leader is a difficult job.  Sales goals need to be achieved consistently every month, regardless of staffing and team skills in an ever-increasing competitive market.  There are dramatic global changes occurring in selling and how buyers want to buy.  Plus, with up to five generations in today’s workforce you need to support a diverse sales force that learns and communicates differently.  Sales Leaders need help, but they resist asking for help as they typically want to appear self-sufficient and in control.

Sales Leaders and front-line Sales Management are vital to the success of any sales improvement initiative.  So, to provide the performance support they critically need, we assign a personal Revenue Storm Coach when you start your journey with us.  They can call, email or text when advice is needed.  Their coach is there to assist with whatever challenges arise.

Revenue Storm Coaches use our proven tools and methods to help salespeople or teams advance an opportunity, create demand or grow account revenues.  They can virtually observe Sales leaders coach their team to provide personal recommendations for improvements, help leaders clarify team governance, and create a practical coaching cadence.  Having this type of support system for Sales Leaders will make them feel valued and more effective in their role.

Our Formats

Our Sales Leadership development offerings are available face-to-face, fully virtual, or in a blended learning experience.  Support your Sales Leaders when and where they need it.

Next Steps:  

  • We support Sales Leaders in our Managing to Revenue Workshop starting with a short, virtual kickoff and then a cohort day to create their personal Sales Leadership Plans.
  • After participating in sales training, they will learn how to conduct consistent and valued sales coaching in our Coaching to Revenue Program.

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