Rev Up Your Sales Engine

A Targeted Approach to Accelerating Revenue

Maximize Your Speed To Revenue

The more aligned you are, the faster and easier it is to generate revenue.  It’s that simple.

Every business function should see their connection to revenue.  After all, revenue is the value for what clients are willing to pay for your products and services.  Everyone can impact client satisfaction and success whether client-facing or not.

As organizations grow, the entrepreneurial spirit is often replaced with functional leaders striving for efficiency, but no longer focused on the client goals they used to share.  Ensure there is clear communication and client-oriented processes and systems between Marketing, Sales, Legal and Client Delivery as well as the identification of key expectations from supporting functions along the customer journey.

By asking cross-functional leaders to evaluate and clarify your desired Go-to-Market Strategy(s), you will gain insight to better align to client success and eliminate the causes of organizational drag impacting revenue production.  When is the last time your cross-functional leadership team had these types of conversations?  For most, it’s been too long.

We feel this cross-functional conversation is so important, we are willing to put our revenues at risk to facilitate it.  If you don’t think it was a great team meeting, don’t pay us.  In all our years, not one company has asked us to waive our fees.  What do you have to lose besides organizational drag limiting your revenue growth?

Change Management Model

A strong business relies on agility, innovation and versatility to leapfrog the competition. Revenue Storm’s Change Management Model is designed with pragmatic steps to fire up your engine no matter where you are on your journey.


LAUNCH:  Baseline & ideate to design the approach for your revenue acceleration initiative.

ACTIVATE:  Leadership readies their team for focused change, enabling process and systems to measure new keystone habits.

ACCELERATE:  Perform a reality check on desired changes, with leading and lagging revenue indicators, to enhance results, continue to remove barriers and enable speed and agility.

What We Know About Achieving Revenue Acceleration…

  1. Each client is different with unique strengths and vulnerabilities that require a customized approach.
  2. Organizations with clear, well communicated Go-to-Market Strategy(s) focused on clients first are more profitable and successful.
  3. For any change to be successful, Leadership needs to lead the change and do things differently.
  4. Sales and Marketing need clear responsibilities to create demand, not just capture demand.
  5. Hiring the right salespeople requires more than industry experience, but identification of their preferred Go-to-Market Strategy and personality attributes to best fit your desired sales culture.
  6. A high-growth, engaged sales team is created by a vibrant, positive coaching culture.
  7. Companies that invest in continuous personal development can create a powerful competitive advantage.

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