Revenue Strategy Alignment Program

When Organizational Drag is Affecting Your Speed to Revenue


The Revenue Strategy Alignment program is a 1-day consultative round table for executives to recharge the sales growth of the organization.  This strategic session is a structured discussion focused on your optimal Go-to-Market Strategy (GTMS) for three or four important revenue streams.  Some clients choose new revenue streams that are important for their future growth.  Other clients chose revenue streams that need more consistent revenue growth.  Or perhaps you have a revenue stream that is struggling but is important to turnaround.  You can even choose one of each.

Our Executive Sales Consultants will challenge the team with thought provoking questions that result in decisions enabling the organization to better execute their roles with clear alignment to the desired GTMS.  A Revenue Acceleration Blueprint is provided following the session with prioritized recommendations to accelerate revenue and organizational alignment to the revenue streams.  This report includes our Revenue Proficiency Metric.  The RPM of an organization shows how aligned and efficient the Revenue Engine is within an organization.

Hard truth – Every role is related to revenue – Sales Leaders, HR, Marketing, Customer Service/Delivery and Sales Enablement, along with Revenue Stream owners.  Achieve complete organizational alignment to remove any organizational drag on revenue generation.  Work with us and see how.  In fact, we are so confident this will be one of your executive’s best meetings, we offer a refund if it isn’t!  And we haven’t had to do that once in our company’s history!


     Face-to-face consultative session

Revenue Storm’s Alignment Sessions were key to getting the cross-functional organizational support we needed for success, including a ‘Revenue Acceleration Blueprint’ with key metrics that had not previously existed,”

– Executive, Fortune 500 Global Company


This workshop is designed for:

      Business Executives

   Sales Leadership

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