Schaumburg, IL – March 6, 2024
Revenue Storm Corporation, a global sales effectiveness company, announced it has once again been selected to be on Training Industry’s 2024 Top 20 Training Companies™ List for the sales training and enablement sector of the corporate learning and development (L&D) market.

The list selection was based on the following criteria:

  • Breadth and quality of program and service offerings.
  • Industry visibility, innovation, and impact in the sales training market.
  • Client and user representation.
  • Business performance and growth.

Debby Rizzo, Revenue Storm’s CEO, said, “We are proud to be again recognized by Training Industry as a global leader with their 2024 Top 20 Sales Training award. This award recognizes our holistic approach to building good sales habits within sales teams that will boost their sales success. Our focus on continual innovation that leverages our extensive global sales coaching and research enables our clients to foster personal growth even in today’s busy world.”

“The successful adoption of our CRM Apps and just-in-time digital learning, paired with role-based learning journeys and our assessment’s recommended sales development plan, provides clients with the benefits of a common language with a personalized approach. Our new “Business Rainmaking Experiences” series validates learning or needed reinforcement while adding an element of competitive fun and recognition.” she said.

Revenue Storm’s sales trainers are all successful sales leaders with deep experience and passion for raising people’s success in their workshops. In-person sales training is back for some clients, but virtual workshops will forever be a Revenue Storm mainstay. Revenue Storm’s virtual workshops are a differentiator with its flipped classroom approach that leverages gamification, contests, personal homework feedback, 1:1 coaching, and team assignments for cohort learning that create excitement and engagement, the foundations for creating new sales habits. 98.5% of our trainees said they would recommend our training to their colleagues, and 98% would like more personal sales coaching.

“This year’s Top 20 Sales Training companies offered a breadth of sales training solutions for all types of sales roles and topics. These innovative organizations use learning technologies and an array of delivery options, such as sales enablement platforms or AI-enabled coaching, to fit the sales training needs of any organization,” said Jessica Schue, market research analyst at Training Industry, Inc. “Through research and innovation, these organizations keep their frameworks up to date, staying knowledgeable on new selling trends and how to achieve the best results.”

About Revenue Storm Corporation:

Revenue Storm is best known for helping sales organizations sell differently in competitive markets to both win new clients and grow revenue streams from existing clients. Using a proven methodology backed by science, we enable sales professionals and teams to change sales habits and relationship‐building strategies. Sales intelligence apps, online reinforcements, and 1:1 coaching improve the adoption of new sales behaviors. At Revenue Storm, we do things very differently. To learn more, visit

About Training Industry, Inc.:

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