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A holistic approach to personal development typically includes training, coaching and challenging projects to foster growth.  However, we must remember that a singular approach doesn’t fit all.  To make a difference in sales success, you need to uncover each salesperson’s unique strengths and vulnerabilities before you can personalize their development path.

The easiest way to reveal the unique DNA of a salesperson is by applying the science of a well-designed psychometric assessment.  Leveraging the expertise of industry leading I/O Psychologists, we developed online sales talent assessments that have provided actionable insights to thousands of global B2B salespeople and their sales leaders.

Our detailed assessment reports provide insights on both sales competencies and personality attributes that illuminate areas of improvement to both the salesperson and their manager.  If aware of an unusually intense personality attribute, salespeople can take proactive steps to lessen any negative impact when selling.  Managers use insights to assist with strategic decisions surrounding Go-to-Market Strategy and identifying where they are most vulnerable in the sales process.  They also receive recommendations to coach and challenge their team as the unique individuals they are.  This level of insight can bring much needed clarity to your organizational training needs and potential hiring profiles.  Through our extensive database you can even get a comparative view of your team against a compilation of other firms in your industry.

Many organizations define competencies by combining skills with attributes.  We believe it is important to separate them and HIRE to Attributes — TRAIN to Competencies. This precision accelerates the performance of your sales force.

The science of our sales assessments provides unparalleled awareness that leads to improved sales success for both individuals and organizations.

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