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A Simple Process for Crushing The New Year

By January 9, 2017March 29th, 2024No Comments

Take the “I think, therefore I am” statement, posed by philosopher Rene Descartes, a step further. Your subconscious mind will direct your energy to success, mediocrity, or failure, depending on your focus. Many of us set New Year’s resolutions and many of us fail. Why? Because if you have not changed your thinking, your behavior cannot change.

The key question behind a successful resolution is asking, “What do you really want this year?” The answer HAS to be something that inspires and truly motivates you. In Sales, there are many success metrics, the usual being to attain or exceed sales or income goals. This is the end result of changed behavior. IF you are serious you must change your thinking AND your behavior to get what you want, otherwise—you will always get what you have always got.

What specific things about your sales approach will you change this year that will help you reach your goals? What is your vision? What will be different? Now write down the goals you need to achieve in order to bring your vision to life. This is CRITICAL. Committing to your goals in writing significantly increases the chance you will achieve them. Be specific. Do not rely on your mind to carry the plan. What do you want to achieve? When? How? Write it down!

It is also wise not to tackle too much. Keep it to 5 significant goals. Any more than that and you risk distraction and momentum loss. List the specific steps you will take to achieve your goals. These are examples that may spark your thinking:

  • Break down your annual revenue goal by quarter/month so you know your target.
  • Focus on deal qualification. When building your revenue funnel: fill it with opportunities, qualify each one, move each forward, or let it go. ONLY work with qualified opportunities that have a good probability of closing.
  • Increase the number of key executive contacts that you want to meet each week/month. Are there executive titles that you are not calling on?
  • Specifically how can you create more value for your clients? Ask your current clients where they believe you made the greatest difference. How could you be of greater service?
  • Manage your professional development. Where are your weaknesses? Books, training programs, webinars, and coaching are all easily within your reach.
  • Find a mentor and ask them to coach you. Be accountable to them and to yourself.

Sales is one of the only functional positions that is truly measured and the score is kept on a regular basis, much like professional athletics. There are weaknesses and strengths but you need to have your vision, goals, and behaviors committed to in writing in order to rise to the top. Now is the time to make a difference that will have long lasting effect. Remember, a boat with no rudder will never reach its ultimate destination.

Personal Challenge
Use the attached worksheet to write down your personal vision for success. Once completed, choose a person that can provide you with quality coaching and enlist them to assist you.



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