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The Seven Great Lies of Selling

By June 9, 2017February 2nd, 2023No Comments

It seems that the “Seven Great Lies” stories are expanding year after year to apply to all sorts of criteria.

We, as salespeople, are also prone to accepting that everything said to us is good, and here is why – we are salespeople – by nature we want to believe. That is why we got into sales, right? Everything is good! My deal is awesome. My client loves me! My deal is cruising to a close!

Well, maybe not, because you may have been told one of the following great lies of selling. Read carefully and think hard.

Lie #1:

“I am the decision maker” – this is the classic of all lies. If you were really unfortunate, this would have been followed with, “so therefore, there is no need to talk to anyone else.” Here is the weird thing – some people who tell you this sometimes think it is true. They too are fooling themselves. In a complex B2B sales cycle there is no one single decision maker. You are dealing with a myriad of different influences and opinions and the decision will always be made by this blend of influences and persuasions.

Lie #2:

“I am very interested, please send me a proposal” – This is the classic pass-off and is the way a person will end a meeting when their interest has not been piqued but they do not have the inclination (or whatever) to tell you the truth. Never spend time on a proposal without gaining a commitment from the prospect to assist with the collaboration of the proposal.

Lie #3:

“The decision is going to be made on price” – Unless you are in a totally commoditized single product comparison, this is always not true. In a B2B sales environment there are always multiple influences that will come into play from people who are not interested by price!

Lie #4:

“I will come back to you on this next week” – About 90% of the time, this means “I do not really have an interest in this, but I do not want to confront you with it – please go away.” Human beings typically hate conflict and would rather just smooth things over without disappointing you. This is the time for you to expand your sales cycle with others.

Lie #5:

“The procurement process will be easy” – It never is! Understand that procurement is a political animal within its own right. Many a deal has been stalled and then defeated by procurement. Get a handle on the procurement processes early and do not leave it till the last minute. It will be to your peril!

Lie #6:

“He/she has no time available in the next 2 weeks” – Seems innocent enough, but clearly indicates that you do not rate in the priority of things that are important. 90% of the time it means you need to look at Plan B!

And finally,

Lie #7:

“Everything is good” – You need to take lies 1-6 into consideration and not fool yourself into thinking everything is wonderful. It is a disservice to yourself and your customers.

These seven lies are sucking our fellow salespeople in as we sit here and read this article!

Make sure you are not one of them. Take off the rose tinted glasses and be one of the top 10% who do not give any credence to these great seven lies of selling!


Personal Challenge

Take the time by yourself or with your manager. Go through your deals and honestly evaluate if any have been subjected to one or more of the seven great lies of selling. If so, evaluate how you can turn the deal in your favor.



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